For the umpteenth time in his tumultuous life, Diego Armando Maradona, considered by many to be the greatest football player of all time, escaped death. His lawyer revealed to the large press on Wednesday, amid cheers from Argentine fans, that Maradona had exchanged the hospital for a rehabilitation center.

Last week, Maradona, just 60, was admitted with anemia and dehydration symptoms. He was said to have fallen from a staircase in the La Plata hospital and had to have surgery on a blood clot in his brain after that. Everybody in Argentina (and half of the football world) was holding their breath. After sniffing, chewing, and drinking for thirty years, was this the definitive end? Oh. So no. A living legend, Maradona is and remains.

‘Fluffy’ (fluff in Spanish) to remain longer in the hospital due to withdrawal symptoms after the successful treatment. Maradona has been addicted to alcohol for decades, in addition to being a drug user. “Diego is doing well in the clinic and continues to pursue a recovery program,” his lawyer said. It is possible that Diego went through the most painful moment of his life. It’s a wonder they discovered the bleeding that might have cost him his life in his brain. ”

Maradona possibly had a blood clot in his brain in an accident, according to his physician. The former player of Argentina’s Boca Juniors, Spanish FC Barcelona, and Italian AS Napoli, among others, was unable to recall the fall.


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