Dominating English football is too hard, according to Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp. Jurgen Klopp insisted that there was no strategy for Liverpool to conquer the world for years to come, insisting that it was hard just to survive in England.

Following Wednesday’s 2-1 victory over Tottenham, Klopp’s men are now three points clear atop the Premier League table this season. However, the German dismissed any discussion about world domination, stressing how difficult it was to win in England.

“I don’t think English football will be dominated by anybody, it’s too difficult, 100 percent. The league is too difficult, the calendar is too difficult. At the moment and all the other moments, we all have to make sure we get through these insane times. In the last year, we had four players in the best team in the world, one we had to sign from Bayern [Munich], which was wise business, I would say we have a strong team.”

“Because of their talent, all the other players should have been in that squad, too, so you see we have a very good team here. What you always need in life is a little bit of luck, so you can win football matches. The more games you win in football, the closer you get to winning trophies. If you’re in the final or whatever then the final contact has to be made, that’s it. But we don’t plan world dominance for the next years. We just plan for the next game, which is in 40-something hours at Crystal Palace.”


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