This week, the EFL has announced 112 positive tests from its strategic league-wide research program.

3,507 players and personnel from 66 EFL clubs playing in FA Cup or league action this weekend were included in the testing program. Ahead of their next league games, the six clubs that did not play would be checked.

The EFL is switching from next week to daily twice-weekly Covid-19 research, which is sponsored by the Professional Footballers’ Union.

Dr. Richard Higgins and Dr. Subhashis Basu, medical advisors of the EFL, added: “The results today reflect the current speed at which the virus spreads during the emergence of a new Covid-19 variant, but the low numbers reported across the overwhelming majority of clubs mean we remain confident that our protocols continue to mitigate the spread of infection as intended.”

The guidelines, funded by the clubs and government, allow us to continue to play fixtures as expected, but we should not be complacent, which is why recently updated Covid protocols for matchday and non-matchday were released to support the re-introduction of a league-wide testing program that begins next week.

“Medical advice continues to support that following these protocols is the most successful route to mitigating against the spread of infection.”


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