Premier League Chair Rick Parry revealed that the idea to introduce B teams in the EFL Cup is not an option. The idea has been endorsed by Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola recently after being part of the Project Big Picture last season. Manchester City is keen to help young players develop better and faster. Parry did mention that there would be a number of changes coming into place in the EFL.

“Irrespective of my view, it is absolutely not something that our clubs have any enthusiasm for,” Premier League Chair Rick Parry said about B teams in the EFL Cup. “It’s been tried. (Former FA chair) Greg Dyke tried it. (Another former FA chair) Greg Clarke introduced it at the very start of Big Picture and I said ‘that’s non-negotiable, it’s not happening’. Frankly, I don’t even see it being on the table. I’ve spoken quite a lot about fresh ideas, new thinking, not having preconceived ideas – but I’ve got a preconceived idea about B teams and that’s not within the boundaries.”

“Could it be that the clubs not in Europe play in it, could it just be an EFL competition? All things are possible,” he added. “We ought to be having this debate realistically now, which is why it was part of Big Picture because it’s going to hit us in 2024. There’s no point trying to have the debate in January 2024, it’s too late. We have to plan now. We have to be realistic. Changes are coming.”

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