Premier League and EFL clubs are negotiating ‘covid clauses’ in player contracts if the coronavirus pandemic is extended or worsens further.

It was hoped last summer that 2021 will bring a return to normality amid falling cases and deaths, but the winter virus spike is proving much worse than the initial peak last spring.

Professional football, which was suspended between March and June last year for three months, is having repercussions where it was not. As many as five Premier League games have been postponed in recent weeks because of outbreaks within teams.

Which puts even more pressure on an already heavily congested fixture list, and for a second consecutive season, rising calls have been made to bring a pause.

Teams are taking steps to protect themselves in the event of further problems, with Sky Sports reporting that ‘covid clauses’ are starting to emerge in deals and player contracts.

That implies the power to cancel loan deals and potentially recover any spent fees should the season be disrupted by further coronavirus measures and restrictions.


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