The president of the English Professional Association of Footballers (PFA) has increased the prospect of playing shorter matches to lighten the pressure on players if the season will restart.

Despite significant issues about player health, English clubs remain committed to completing the campaign.

PFA president Gordon Taylor suggests that as Project Restart gets underway, football matches could be less than 45 minutes a half.”Proposals have been made about the possibility of more substitutes; games can’t be the full 45 minutes either way and with suggestions of neutral sites.

“A lot is going on,” Taylor told BBC Radio 4 Today. The top-flight football has been suspended in England after Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta was diagnosed with coronavirus on 14 March. Leagues in France and the Netherlands have been postponed for this season but the Premier League seems to have no move to follow up.


Continuous communication with The Premier League appears to be committed to completing the 2019-20 season as regulation requirements allow it to do so, with an imminent May 25 UEFA deadline for restart plans. As things stand, sixteen league teams have nine fewer games, while four still have 10 games to go, with arrangements already ongoing to resume the league as part of Project Restart in June.

In the Daily Mirror the basis of Project Restart plans was announced. The Premier League needs to pay for a full preparation program. Return to training is considered to be in mid-May. By the end of May, complete training will commence. Games are expected to restart in early June. And, naturally, on matchday conditions there must be ongoing contact with the government.


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