Aaron Ramsey revealed that he deliberately missed training just two days before Wales‘ Euro 2020 opener against Switzerland. Ramsey’s fitness record has been a major concern since he joined Juventus. The ex-Arsenal midfielder has played just 19 of the 44 games that Wales has played since the last Euros in 2016. He has not had much game time heading into the Euros. Ramsey allayed any fears of the Welsh fans after he missed the penultimate training session.

“It was planned that I stayed off my feet,” Aaron Ramsey said ahead of the Euro 2020 opener. “It was a very light session for the boys. I’m all good and looking forward to Saturday. It’s been quite a challenging time over the last couple of seasons, but I’ve got my own team around me who are focused on me getting into the best possible shape.”

“Football is a team sport and mostly about the team. But maybe some players need more attention, and I’ve taken it into my own hands,” he added. “I’ve got the right people around me to come up with the best possible plan to get myself back into a place where I’m feeling good and confident again. The Welsh staff and medical team have been brilliant, open for discussions.”

Ramsey has taken the onus to work on his training after starting just 24 games in the Serie A for Juventus. Ramsey said that he has a good relationship with a number of the Wales fitness staff from his Arsenal days. He explained that they understood exactly what his body needs and helping him to reach his best.

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