England defender Luke Shaw said that they will be practicing penalties before the knockout stages of Euro 2020. In the last World Cup, England beat Colombia 4-3 on penalties for the first time in a major international tournament. After losing three penalty shootouts in European Championships over the years, Shaw revealed that the squad will be prepared.

“I think to win in major tournaments they’ll maybe be a time when you’re going to have a penalty shootout and we’re going to have to be ready for it.” Luke Shaw said before the Euro 2020. “Of course the last two we’ve had we’ve won them both, which is obviously extremely positive and is going in the right direction. “But for sure we’re going to be practicing them. No matter how far the knockout stages are, we need to be ready and practice makes perfect.”

“We need to practice what sort of penalties we’re going to do and be ready for that situation when it comes, so that we’re not scrambling about thinking where we’re going to put it or who’s going to take what.” he added.

England will take on Croatia looking for revenge for their semi-final loss in the World Cup. After a grueling session due to the pandemic, England would likely have to play 7 games in the space of a month to win the title. Shaw was quick to waive off any concerns about fatigue in the squad.

“Of course it’s been a very hard grueling season with a lot of games, but I think that when it comes to a major tournament for your country I think fatigue goes out of the window,” Shaw said. “You want to give your life for this team. You want to give every single thing you’ve got left to make the team and the whole nation happy. Fatigue isn’t an option really. We’ve got amazing settings here with the recovery stations and the staff who are putting unbelievable things into place.”

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