The Munich Police are investigating the Greenpeace activist paragliding incident at Euro 2020. The incident took place during Germany’s opener against France at the Allianz Arena. A 38-year old man was arrested after his parachute got entangled in wires of an overhead camera. He suffered a heavy landing and received medical attention. The police confirmed that two people were injured from debris from the accident.

“In this connection, investigations are now being conducted for various offences under the Criminal Code and the Air Traffic Act, among others.” the Munich police said in a statement after the paragliding incident at Euro 2020. “The Munich Police Department emphasizes that it has no understanding whatsoever for such irresponsible actions, in which a considerable endangerment of human life is accepted.”

Greenpeace’s Twitter account confirmed that the incident was meant to protest the tournament sponsor, Volkswagen. They are demanding the end of sales of petrol and diesel cars. They later revealed that the activist was only meant to drop a balloon inside the stadium. The crash landing was because he suffered technical difficulties in the air.

“We ask the two people injured yesterday during the Greenpeace action to accept our sincere apologies,” read a statement from Greenpeace. “The pilot wanted to float a balloon into the stadium but then had to make an emergency landing because the manual throttle control of the paraglider failed.”

France manager Didier Deschamps was seen ducking away from a piece of equipment that was heading his way. He was seen bumping his head on the cover of the bench where the rest of the squad was present.

“Listen I thought it was something planned in advance. Yes, we were close to a tragedy.” Deschamps said. “On the bench with Guy (assistant coach Guy Stephan) we tried to take refuge. I have a little bump because I hit the cover off the bench. Yes, we were close, it could have been a tragedy once again.”

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