UEFA VIPs could be given quarantine-free access for the Wembley final of Euro 2020, Boris Johnson revealed. he said that sensible accommodations can be made after the government talks with UEFA. The discussions were with respect to the Euro 2020 semi-finals and final which will be hosted at the Wembley stadium. he reiterated that public safety would be the priority.

The plans will include thousands of VIPs attending the semi-finals and finals without a need to quarantine. UEFA has also demanded permission for the fans of all the participating teams to attend the matches. In case the demands are not met, a contingency plan to relocate the matches is in place. Reports suggest that Hungary is being considered where the restrictions in place are more relaxed.

“We’ll do what we have to do to keep the country safe from COVID, that’s obviously going to be our priority.” Boris Johnson said. “We’ll be talking to UEFA about what they want and see if we can make some sensible accommodations. But the priority obviously has to be public health.”

England currently allows traveling without quarantine only from 11 green list counties. No European countries are part of this list apart from the countries in the UK. ministers are discussing possible options but no exemptions have been made yet for the Wembley games.

“We are looking for a sensible compromise on VIPs, looking at where they are coming from, and what mitigations can be put in place at tournament hotels.” a government source said about the UEFA VIPs at EURO 2020. “But fans traveling is far more challenging and would be in any country. We understand that the tournament organizer has corporate partners and part of that role is maximizing attendance, but we wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize public health.”

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