Chris Gunter called the setup for Euro 2020 a joke but promised supporters they will be back sooner rather than later. Wales were unable to replicate their semifinal run at Euro 2016 and were trashed 4-0 by Denmark in the Round of 16. The game was held in the Netherlands before their group stage games that were hosted in Rome and Baku respectively. All these countries were not on the UK’s green list. The government had called on fans not to travel to Rome and Baku while the Dutch government made it clear that Wales fans would not be allowed in the country. These restrictions meant that the Wales teams did not have any support for the entire tournament.

“So the journey of this month has come to an end. We did not deserve that scoreline but who said life was fair.” Chris Gunter, Wales record appearance holder said about Euro 2020. “It hurts like mad, but to be hurting with some of my best mates and best muckas I’ve shared a changing room with for years on years makes it a little easier. And to share it with a nation who all feel the same makes it even easier.”

“Written off before a bag of air was kicked, 3,000 miles from home. Every nation had fans wherever they went. You and we deserved more from this joke set up of a tournament, but who said life was fair.” he added. “Have a cry, but then smile that we were dining at the top table yet again. And smile even more that we’ll be back, and we’ll be the ones with the full stadium belting out our anthem that we all deserve. This country is in safe hands with the squad we have, believe me. I’d go to the trenches with every member of this team and staff.”

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