Ed Woodward, Manchester United executive vice-chairman has resigned from his role at UEFA after the announcement of the European Super League. Woodward was an ECA representative, a role he took upon the UEFA’s Professional Football Strategy Council in 2017. Manchester United have revealed that the uproar is similar to that when the Premier League and Champions League were created.

The New European Super League has five spots open for teams based on their performance. But the main issue is the big players dictating the playing field. This goes completely against the open nature of the sport. Protection of the historically strong teams has caused a huge uproar amongst the fans. In the last couple of years, Manchester United have lost to both Sevilla and Istanbul Basaksehir in Europe. These less glamorous clubs will not have an opportunity to beat the best ever again.

Ed Woodward in November had assured fans that they would be at the center of thoughts when deciding any change in European club competition. A source revealed that none of the fans were consulted on Manchester United joining the Super League.

“We believe any changes to European competition post-2024 must be complementary to thriving domestic leagues,” he said. “Other domestic leagues feel the same way, reflected in conversation with our counterparts in other clubs and countries.”

If those six teams are given as much money as is being reported the enormous chasm in the Premier League will only continue to grow, while the quality of the league will enormously suffer if there is no fluid continental competition places up for grabs. It is understandable by Ed Woodward resigning from his role at UEFA makes it clear that Manchester United are interested in both the riches of Premier League as well as European Super League football. If United really want the domestic game to ‘thrive’ they need to make a monumental U-turn before it’s too late. Even if they did, they wouldn’t deserve forgiveness.


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