As fans come to terms with the shock announcement of a European Super League, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has explained the need. 12 of the biggest clubs from around the world will be a part of the breakaway competition. The league has come under severe criticism from all parts of football including players.

Timing of the European Super League and the Impact of the Pandemic

With fans not allowed into the stadiums due to the coronavirus pandemic, clubs have been struggling to cope financially. They have incurred millions of loss in revenue. A number of clubs rely on this income to sustain themselves. Florentino Perez’ said that with the European Super League replacing the UEFA Champions League they can alleviate this loss. He said that profitable income will increase only once more competitive matches take place. Amidst the pandemic, the only stream of revenue is broadcasting. The only solution to increasing this broadcasting revenue is to produce more attractive games amongst the big clubs. He said that Real Madrid is in an extremely bad economic state. They have incurred a loss of 400 million euros over the last two years.

Appealing to a New Generation of Fans

Perez said that Football is beginning to lose interest with the viewership ratings reducing considerably. He said that the younger generation is not interested in low-quality games anymore.

“No one has an interest in the Champions League until the quarter-finals. What generates the most interest? Let the greats play.” Perez said. “We’re doing our best for the sport. The Champions League has lost its attraction, we have created the Super League to save football. We have to change something to make this sport more attractive at a global level. That is what we did with Bernabeu.”

“The television rights are what makes us money. That money is for everyone. If those at the top have money, it goes to everyone because we buy players from those other clubs and we can be in solidarity.” he added. “Nobody understands the new format of the Champions League, and I’m sure it’s not enough to save football. I don’t own Real Madrid, I joined the club back in 2000 to save it from a very bad economic situation; now we want to save football because the situation is bad, we have to evolve the models.”


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