Arsenal owners, Kroenke have been labelled ‘ignorant’ following their involvement in the European Super League. He insisted that he was not surprised when Arsenal were involved. His lack of surprise was due to the distant ownership of the club.

On Sunday, Kroenke Arsenal along with the Big Six announced that they would be part of the European Super League. Arsenal would be one of the founding members of the league. The announcement led to widespread protests from different avenues in football including players, managers, and fans. By Tuesday evening, all Six of the clubs had withdrawn from the competition.

All the Premier League clubs subsequently apologized for their actions and confirmed backing away from plans. This debacle only increased the wedge between the fans and the owners. A huge protest has been scheduled outside the Emirates against Stan Kroenke joining the European Super League.

“I wasn’t surprised Arsenal were involved, given they have an American owner, an absent owner, who rarely says anything regarding the football club,” Smith said. “There is the very little bond between Stan Kroenke and the club. He rarely comes over. His son has a more hands-on connection with the club, but Josh is new to the game, he’s not been brought up around football.”

“Kroenke obviously has seen that model work in the States with the NFL, NBA, and along with the Liverpool and Manchester United owners, they have seen how profitable it could be. I don’t think they understand how the European mind thinks about our sporting culture. It was ignorant not to appreciate there would be such a backlash. It beggars belief.” he added.

Kroenke has been the major stakeholder at Arsenal since April 2011. Smith said he wasn’t surprised when Arsenal was involved. He accused Kroenke of failing to grasp the mindset of European sport.


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