Executives from the Big Six clubs of the Premier League that affiliated themselves with the European Super League have been asked to step down. Premier League chief executive Richard Masters have asked them to do so. Bruce Buck, the Chelsea chairman and Vinai Venkatesham, Arsenal chief executive are amongst those asked to relinquish their roles.

Bruce Buck is part of the audit and remuneration committee of the Premier League. Mr Venkatesham from Arsenal is part of the Club Strategic Advisory Group (CSAG). Ferran Soriano from Manchester City has also been reportedly been asked to step down from the Club Strategic Advisory Group (CSAG). Ed Woodward and Tom Werner from Manchester United and Liverpool respectively have been asked to step down from the Club Broadcast Advisory Group.

Manchester United’s Ed Woodward announced today that he will be leaving the club after serving for more than a decade. His resignation has fuelled rumours that the Glazers are looking to sell their stake after 15 long years. Following a meeting with the other 14 clubs, a decision was made to ask the Super League club executives to vacate their seats. There were reports that the 14 clubs had complained that the Super League clubs executives had been “acting like spies” during meetings of the relevant Premier League sub-committees.

Reports are that the Premier League executives are keen to resolve the issues that have crept up over reforms in recent months. The events this past weekend have only increased the unrest in these committees. However, Mr Masters’ request for the executives’ removal underlines the fact that divisions between the ‘Big Six’ and the other clubs are likely to be exposed for some time.

Formal confirmation of the existence of the Super League on Sunday night sparked fury throughout European football especially the Premier League, with an unprecedented alignment of political and sporting figures against the breakaway from UEFA.


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