The UEFA President has condemned the ‘disgraceful proposal’ of the European Super League. UEFA President Aleksandr Ceferin deemed it as a “spit in the face of all football lovers”. He confirmed that the players that take part in the European Super League will be banned from playing for their national teams at the World Cups and European Championships.

Ceferin spoke after a UEFA Executive Committee meeting and thanked Prime Minister Boris Johnson for opposing these plans. He nonsensed the formation of a breakaway competition. 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs have decided to be part of the European Super League. It is a competition hopeful of replacing the UEFA Champions League.

 “We’re still assessing the situation with our legal team. It’s a bit too early.” the UEFA President said when asked about the European Super League. “We will take all the sanctions that we can and we will inform you as soon as we have a clear answer. My opinion is that, as soon as possible, the players have to be banned from all our competitions.”

“I cannot stress more strongly UEFA and the footballing world are united against the disgraceful, self-serving proposals we have seen, fuelled purely by greed,” he added. “It’s nonsense of a project. This idea is a spit in the face for all footballer lovers and our society. We will not allow them to take this away from us.”

Ceferin said he was naive and described the breakaway members as “snakes among us”. He singled out Manchester United executive vice-chair Ed Woodward. He said he had spoken to Woodward a week back. Woodward had insisted that he was happy with the reforms taking place.

The new format for the Champions League was the major discussion at the UEFA Executive Committee meeting. From 2024, the group stage will be scrapped with one team playing 10 different opponents on a home-away basis.


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