Going back to the line-up and scoresheet, Fabio Quagliarella helped Sampdoria win 3-1 away from Udinese. It was Udinese who began the scoring when Kevin Lasagna charged for a long shot, trying to drive Yoshida out of the way, forced it forward, and smashed it into the goal for about 25 yards.

Sampdoria was furious, expecting a penalty in the build-up, but it was seen by the referee and considered fine.

As Albin Ekdal with his back to goal chested the ball down and Quagliarella scored the low volley from just inside the line, Sampdoria evened with the last kick of the match.

Udinese came out fighting for the second half, when first Emil Audero, with his hands on Kevin Lasagna, created a brilliant save from a knocked-down corner, then Rodrigo De.

Paul’s side-foot starting from the field edge skimmed the crossbar.
Federico Bonazzoli changed the game around in true style when Samir just deflected a pass into the distance, sending it in from eight yards with a perfect bicycle-kick.

Udinese figured they were equalized when Audero made a howler at the corner, throwing her straight at Bram Nuytinck to ricochet into the net. Nevertheless, he punched it on the Udinese player ‘s arm and under the new rules which are enough to disallow the target.

Taking advantage of a poor Nuytinck clearing, Gabbiadini took the points into the far corner under lock and key with a left-foot curler.


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