Just two days after three team members tested positive for COVID-19, the German side Koln said they are ready to hold training camps for quarantine.

On April 6, Koln players have been back training at the club’s sports center, taking part in individual sessions. They endured a setback Friday when three team members had contracted COVID-19 before it emerged.

FC Koln continues training amid Covid19

The Bundesliga outfit, however, believes they will resume team training ‘in a safe area’ once politicians allow the campaign to get back on track.

FC Koln has revealed plans earlier than expected to transfer into a “quarantine-like” training camp atmosphere if the green light is provided for the Bundesliga season to resume. “The FC Koln will go into a training camp with the team in the DFL strict definition,” read a club report. The precondition is for officials to allow continuing the season.

However, Koln insisted that the training would proceed as scheduled “according to the hygiene and infection prevention measures introduced in community training since 6 April.”

Releasing another update via official club channels on Sunday, Koln announced that their players and coaches plus backroom staff will come together in a “safe area” for team training should the government offer the go-ahead to return to football.

FC Koln continues training amid Covid19

The club pointed out that these camps already form part of the Sports Medicine / Extraordinary Matchday Activity Task Force of the German Football League (DFL), but that they would prefer to move to that stage at the beginning of the group training cycle rather than a week before matches resumed. We want to reduce the chance of the team getting affected right from the start and then everyone can get used to the new situation. That’s why it’s the best choice for everyone to stick with each other and focus on our practice, just like in a training camp.

“Nonetheless, FC [Koln] prefers to start this time at the start of team training.”


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