This morning, Federal Prosecutor’s inspectors interviewed Zlatan Ibrahimovic as part of the FIGC inquiry into alleged ethnic discrimination against Romelu Lukaku.

On January 26, the Inter and Milan strikers were involved in a spat in a Coppa Italia derby clash.

Ibra told Lukaku “Go do your voodoo s***,” but the striker dismissed the allegation of racial abuse immediately.

However, the Federal Prosecutor opened an investigation and summoned the referee during the night.

Ibra was interviewed this morning at Casa Milan by the Federal Prosecutor’s investigators, according to, and was assisted by lawyer Fabio Esposito.

In the coming days, Romelu Lukaku will also be interviewed.

Following the game, both players were booked and served a one-match suspension.

In the second half, Ibra was booked again and thus sent off, while Lukaku was on a yellow card and missed the first leg of the semi-final at the Coppa Italia earlier this week.


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