FIFA chief of global development Arsene Wenger revealed that the reluctance to a biennial World Cup is purely emotional. Wenger is currently leading a consultation to a change of the calendar from 2024. It includes a major tournament to be held each year with the World Cup gap reduced from four years to two years. The majority of the leagues from around the world have already rejected the proposal.

“What I’m quite surprised (by) in a society which is anti-discriminatory, if you ask someone in the street whether a women’s World Cup every two years is good, they say ‘yes, fantastic, it will develop the women’s game’.” FIFA chief of global development Arsene Wenger said. “Why is it bad for men then? That shows that the reluctance is basically emotional. We have all grown up in that cycle of (a World Cup) every four years and we want to keep it as it is. We see the split in our polls that the younger generations are in favor of, the generation over 50 is against.”

“We don’t have to be scared. The modern guy who watches football is knowledgeable, he’s demanding, he tests the quality of what he watches,” he added. “There is a demand for quality, people today are knowledgeable and informed. We have the responsibility to give them top quality. I believe that we can come up with something that makes sense and something everyone can be happy (with). Trying to find the bridge between all these different positions, is our challenge, but it’s also our ambition”

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