FIFA investigates the move of Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United according to ESPN. Sampdoria’s management applied to bring proceedings, a club of which Fernandes was a member until he went to Sporting.

Specifically, the Italian first-rounder requests an investigation because they are entitled to 10 percent of the transfer made by Fernandes when he signed for the Red Devils, according to their understanding of the ordinance.

It is recalled that after only one season spent on Luigi Ferris, Sampdoria sold Fernandes to Sporting for £7.5 million and the Portuguese went to Manchester in January for a £47 million move, which can be increased by an additional £20 million.

After Sampdoria lodged a report against Sporting Lisbon following the move of Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United, FIFA is investigating.

FIFA investigates Bruno Fernandes move to Manchester United

In January the midfielder left Portugal on a £47 million contract for Old Trafford.

Sampdoria, who sold Fernandes to Sporting in 2017, says they are owed about £4 million by way of a sell-on clause of 10 percent — unpaid so far — leading the Italian side to ask the governing body to begin an investigation.

There is no clue that United will be liable for any of the revenue.

A spokesperson for FIFA said: “We can confirm that on 3 April 2020 the Italian club, UC Sampdoria, lodged a claim with FIFA against the Portuguese club, Sporting Clube de Portugal, relating to the financial obligations set out in the contract corresponding to the transfer of the Portuguese player, Bruno Miguel Borges Fernandes.

“The matter is still under investigation and we can not, therefore, comment further.” Fernandes spent one season at Sampdoria before joining Sporting in 2017 for £7.5 million.

FIFA investigates Bruno Fernandes move to Manchester United

The 25-year-old transferred to United for an estimated £47 million after scoring 64 goals in 137 games in Lisbon, but the contract could end up costing more than £67 million if some clauses are met.

Sampdoria claims that Sporting on Fernandes owes them 10 percent of any income.

Sources also told ESPN that Sporting disputes the allegation and maintains that they are innocent of any misdeed.


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