FIFA has threatened the Islamic Republic of Iran Football Federation (FFIRI) with suspension if it fails to comply with its laws, Iranian daily Radio Farda reported Sunday.

The international football governing body dismissed last month’s revised statutes submitted by the FFIRI and gave the football body a June 5 deadline to comply or face suspension.

Previously, FIFA had prohibited the FFIRI from holding its elections because of worries over government intervention in the organization.
FIFA called on the FFIRI to address eight issues, including reducing the role of the Iranian Minister of Sports in FFIRI internal affairs.


The revised Statutes did not discuss the FFIRI’s independence from the Government of Iran.FIFA rules decree the national government will remain autonomous to a national football federation.

Last month Ali Kafashian, who had been in charge of managing the FFIRI for nearly a decade, told a local radio show in Tehran that, given the rules of FIFA, the Iranian Football Association was still under the direct control of the Government.

Last month, the international football governing body rejected an amended statute sent by FFIRI. Previously, FIFA had prevented the FFIRI from holding its elections because of concerns about government interference in the organization.

FIFA has revoked the membership of Iran’s football federation according to IranWire. That will be announced officially this week. The portal notes that FIFA sent a letter of emergency to Iran’s football federation stating that the country’s federation had violated the organization’s charter.

Which violations are not yet reported, but it is noted that FIFA demanded that the problem be resolved swiftly until June 5. It is reported that most likely it is about changes in the internal charter of the Iranian football federation, which do not meet the rules and requirements of FIFA.

FIFA has reported 80 violations of this kind.


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