The medical commission of the FIGC will ‘consider’ the choice of providing a COVID-19 vaccine to any professional football player in Italy. In recent days, the suggestion has been discussed many times, including by the Players’ Union (AIC).

“It is a hypothesis that should be evaluated to vaccinate all professional football players in Italy,” said FIGC medical commission member Francesco Braconaro on Radio Kiss Kiss.

As it is a general public health problem, and football is a restricted culture, it will become futile to vaccinate some and not others. I agree with Francesco Ghirelli, president of Lega Pro, who says that all players should be obliged to have the vaccine. For all medics, I would say the same as well.

There’s just no option, given what we’ve witnessed over the last 10 months. We have not addressed the topic of vaccinations within the commission, but I think vaccinating all professional players might be a good idea.”


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