Filipe Luis thought about his former teammate Salah while talking to The Guardian.

“It was the best thing I’d ever seen in my life.” Filipe Luis isn’t talking about the scenes when Atlético Madrid won a derby after 14 humiliating years, finally beating Real Madrid, and even in a cup final at the Bernabéu. He’s not talking about a quarter of a million fans lining the streets demanding an impossible league championship.

Not that anybody could see that Salah was that fine, right? Incorrect. Filipe Luis says, “I suffered from Salah in training, pfff.” When Fiorentina left, I said, “Why are you going, Momo?” This is Chelsea.’ And he said,’ I need to play.’ I thought,’ It’s good for this boy.’ He never went for money or more to win; he went to prove that he could play. He was like Messi in training. Like Messi, really. Ask somebody.”


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