Former midfielder Paul Scholes of Manchester United talked about Liverpool’s results.

“I was working on Liverpool’s December match against Wolverhampton and the Merseysiders just toppled the opposition 4-0. “

Scholes told BT Sport, “I was watching and I thought they would win the league by 10-15 points. But lately, they have been making a lot of mistakes. OK, you’ve got a problem with a monster injury, unbelievable. You had to protect Henderson and the midfield game is no longer as successful because of that. The midfielders are not doing their best, and Alisson is also making serious errors. But I don’t think Liverpool, in general, is playing that bad.

They can not create enough opportunities, but sometimes they manage to manipulate the game. For me, though, Firmino was a major disappointment. He’s a fantastic player, but he was botching Everton moment after moment.

He’s got a lot of half opportunities, and it would change everything if he used only one of them. But he’s very absent-minded about the goal.”


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