Napoli suffered its first pitch loss this season in the 6th round of the Italian Championship, losing 0-2 (0-0) to Sassuolo in their San Paolo.

Sassuolo, who arrived in Naples without his first three forwards, Berardi, Caputo, and Djuričić, took the lead from the white spot of which Locatelli was precise (59-11 m) and, deep in the arbiter’s reward after a nice solo breakthrough, Maxime Lopez confirmed the win. (90 + 5).-Yes.

Napoli, who was penalized 0-3 at the green table earlier this season and stripped of points for not going to Turin for a duel with Juventus, is now fifth in the standings with 11 points, while Sassuolo took second place with 14 points, two points less than Milan.


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