Villarreal’s match against Osasuna on Sunday afternoon promised to be straightforward. With a 2-1 victory over Villarreal, Osasuna moved one step closer to safety.

Osasuna v/s Villarreal – 2:1

Villarreal’s first real opportunity arrived 17 minutes in. Moi Gomez fired a left-footed shot at goal, but Alcacer saved it with a pretty flick.

In the 21st minute, controversy erupted. Moi Gomez’s shot was deflected off the post. A defender from Osasuna was adjudged to have taken down Jaume Costa as he ran into the box. The referee awarded a penalty for deflecting the goal that was still in the net the second time around. VAR overruled Villarreal for the first time and awarded a free-kick outside the box.

In the 23rd unofficial minute, Parejo stepped up to take a free-kick. Herrera stopped the beautiful curling freekick, and the ball went out for a corner.

Osasuna v/s Villarreal: Second Half – A Goal Fest

The second half became a goal-fest, and not for Villarreal.

Sub Sanchez sent in a perfect cross that went over the head of Parejo 64 minutes in. Moncayola scored with a beautiful half-volley into the bottom right corner.

Six minutes later, Gerard Moreno arrives off the bench to shake things up. Gerard sent a cross through the box with a perfect sprint. The ball would have hit Alcacer at the far post if David Garcia hadn’t put it in his net for a 1-1 tie.

Osasuna scored the game’s last goal 74 minutes into the game. Ruben Garcia with a corner after Lucas Torro’s audacious lobbed try. The ball was crossed in and latched onto Budimir’s head, who shot a stunning header into the top right-hand corner.

The game would have ended 2-2 if it hadn’t been for goalkeeper Herrera’s heroics in the final minute. Gerrard disposed of Trigueros outside the box. The Villarreal legend curled a solid shot into the top left corner. The match’s king made a stunning flying saving to hold Villarreal down.

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