Major steps are taken by every single human to protect themselves from the Covid19 disease. Keeping one self-isolated has proved to be more effective than any other strategy in the run to save ourselves from the infection.

According to Romanian media, club leaders located a top-notch solution to continue the league at the last video conference. They would cross the opposition to Turkey’s Antalya for two months and play the last eight rounds there. The Romanian soccer championship ought to give up in Turkey.

The clubs would first do two weeks of guidance and then continue the season, which would be closing till July.

The football players would be asked to stay in single rooms in hotels, and inclusive of the fee of accommodation, transport, and stadium rentals and the complete challenge should value around two million euros.

Hotels in Antalya are nearly empty this year. Almost anyone has their very own coaching complex; however, the trouble is that phase of the area is no longer eligible for TV broadcasts.

CFR Cluj leading with 30 points, Steaua is second with 26 factors as a good deal as Universities.

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