Colin Kazim-Richards scored a bizarre goal as Derby produced one of the narrow football results of the weekend in the Championship. It was their first time since April that Wayne Rooney and his team won back-to-back matches. Kazim-Richards scored his first goal since April when they capitalized on a mixup between Cedric Kipre and Sam Johnstone. The goal was their only shot on target in the game but it was enough to secure all three points.

Managers Reaction 

Derby’s Wayne Rooney: “The administrators have confirmed they have had bids from other companies and it needs to be done before January. I’m trying to plan for the future of this club and if it keeps dragging on, it’s not helpful to anyone. So really this next week is pivotal for this football club. The next morning after [the prospective buyer] pulled out, I had players coming up to me asking me questions. There are players out of contract in mid-January, there are players who can pre-sign for other clubs in January – players who I want here at this club.”

West Brom’s Valerien Ismael: “The mentality was not right for the game. It’s all about desire – when you have the chance of a top-two spot, you need to show it from the first minute. At some point, we have to find the killer mentality, the lion mentality, to win games. We have to wake up. The players need to ask where they want to be in a year, two years. Why do they want to do the job? It’s more than frustration – I’m really upset.”

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