Cardiff continued their superb form under manager Steve Morisson as they secured one of the close football results of the weekend in the Championship. They took the lead in the first 10 minutes, the first goal they scored in the first half this season. Jordan Clark equalized for the home side before Sean Morisson scored the winner in the 77th minute.

Managers Reaction 

Luton’s Nathan Jones: “We’ve got a poor record against Cardiff here, and other teams enjoy playing against Cardiff at the minute in their run of form. We usually kick Cardiff’s run and that’s just a lack of bravery all over, whether that’s in the clinches, whether that’s in battle, whether that’s in bravery to get on it and dominate, we didn’t.” he added. “We’ve played Cardiff three times when we’ve been in good form – 4-0, 2-0, 2-1 – and it’s not from anything elaborate, they don’t carve us open, we haven’t had to hold our hands up and go ‘wow, they’re a good side’. They just put the ball in our box and we don’t handle it.”

Cardiff’s Steve Morison: “I made four changes as I did against Huddersfield, and I’ll continue to do the same. It’s imperative we have fresh legs and fresh bodies. Sometimes it gives you people who have a little bit extra or a bit of a point to prove. It keeps people involved, it keeps people interested and they’ve got to realize they are one game away from starting a game of football, so they can’t shut off and down tools.”

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