Pernille Harder scored her second Champions League goal as Chelsea Women pulled off one of the close football scores in the Women’s Champions League. Last game, Harder scored a last gasp equalizer for the London club to snatch a point from the jaws of defeat. This time it was a Sam Kerr effort that was blocked and deflected into the path of Harder who had a simple tap-in. Chelsea reached the final of the Champions League last season.

Player ratings

Juventus: Peyraud-Magnin (7), Lundorf (6), Gama (7), Salvai (7), Boattin (7), Rosucci (6), Pedersen (6), Cernoia (7), Bonansea (8), Girelli (6), Hurtig (7).
Subs used: Bonfantini (7), Lenzini (6), Caruso (n/a), Staskova (n/a), Zamanian (n/a).

Chelsea: Berger (7), Bright (7), Carter (7), Eriksson (7), Cuthbert (7), Leupolz (7), Ji (7), Reiten (6), Kirby (6), Kerr (7), Harder (8).
Subs used: Fleming (6), Ingle (6), Andersson (n/a).

Player of the match: Pernille Harder.

Managers Reaction

Chelsea manager Emma Hayes said: “I think the game had everything. It was quite scrappy, but once again, we showed the ability to adapt to the demands of the game. The performance from the team was mixed, but I felt we were resilient enough and took our chances when it mattered and that’s why we were on the winning team.”

“She [Harder] had an outstanding performance. I’ve said this before, she came to the club and to a difficult country, joining a team that’s already amazing and she has taken us to a higher level. Her standards day in, day out should be what every young person should look up to.” she added. “She takes responsibility, she’s accountable, she’s there when it matters and she’s a key player for this team. I’m so delighted she’s part of our squad today.”

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