The 50-year-old, who played in his native Germany for several clubs, has recently recovered from a battle with Covid-19.

Former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann backed the forthcoming return of the Bundesliga, claiming the coronavirus is not a “huge concern” for fit, young athletes.


The German top flight is scheduled to become the first major European league to return from its coronavirus-enforced suspension when Saturday’s play is resumed.

Several other leagues in Europe are due to return next month while the 2019-20 seasons of the Netherlands’ Eredivisie and France’s Ligue 1 have already pulled the plugin.

The Bundesliga said on its return it’s going full steam ahead, even after second-division side Dynamo Dresden was forced to postpone their upcoming match after going into quarantine following two players testing for Covid-19.

Concerns were also posed earlier in the month when Bundesliga side Koln announced that three people at the club were tested positively and had quarantined.


Lehmann, who made fewer than 400 appearances in the Bundesliga when playing for Schalke, Dortmund and Stuttgart, insists that the Bundesliga is making the right decision, saying the public will have to learn to deal with the virus.

“In the end, you have to live with it, because the only thing on which this lockout is based in the expectation that we can finally find a vaccine or other drug that will cure it. But only hope is there,” Lehmann told beIN Sports.

“We have nothing until now. You can’t close down anything, because of that. And you gotta get on with it.”


Lehmann himself has recovered from a battle with Covid-19, and the 50-year-old said the condition would not be a big concern for current players.

“I think players have to deal with it, as long as the symptoms aren’t too bad,” Lehmann said.

“We have a lot of players who were actually infected and most of them didn’t even display any signs.” That’s why I don’t think it’s such a big concern for young, safe, people with a good immune system.


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