Former referee Claudio Gavillucci has revealed that he has been dismissed by text message and tells his colleagues that a transparent system is not guaranteed.

Gavillucci, who supervised 50 matches in Series A and another 74 in Italian Football’s second tier, hits the Italian Referees’ Association (AIA) in his new book entitled: ‘The Man in Black – The Uncomfortable Referee’s Truth’.

Gavillucci wrote his book because the Italian Referees Association rejected him in a text at the age of 38.

In an interview with Kiss Radio, he said, “I wrote my book because AIA rejected me in a text message at 38. I decided to get to the bottom of the case, to understand whether there were the technical reasons behind that decision. “I’ve discovered a lot of important things including grounds for discrimination. I wrote it for my job’s sake and my love for football.

Gavillucci found the hesitancy to open up, and the necessity to hide.
He feels bad for his colleagues who do not function as they should because of no guarantee by the transparent system.hand over the fire to my colleagues who, unfortunately, are not guaranteed by a transparent system and who don’t function.

“I found the reluctance to open up, and the need to hide something. I put my hand over the flame to my colleagues, who are not, unfortunately, guaranteed by a transparent system and who don’t work as they should. An honest man is the one who lives in an honest context,” he stated.


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