FOOTIE star Carlton Cole speaks how he was fooled into taking Viagra while on duty in England, he experiences a tough tackle.

He took the blue pill thinking it was a vitamin and had to struggle with a ramrod.

In an interview with the English media, former West Ham and England striker Carlton Cole admitted that he made a cardinal error during one team training session: “The fact is that I took Viagra instead of vitamins,” Carlton Cole noted and continued: “You can imagine I was the fastest of all in that workout, which is understandable because I had three legs”


Jerame Defoe is guilty of everything: “He took it because he figured it was supplemented and it was good for his body, so as soon as we asked him what he was doing, his facial expression was priceless,” Defoe recalls in an interview with The Sun: “I just asked him-you’re going to have to fight this for the next few hours, my friend”.

Cole has played seven times for England so he joined eight clubs in his career. He finished his play career in Indonesia three years ago, where he once played for Persib Bandung: “What I want to tell you is, these are moments I want to delete from my memory, but my teammates and friends are teasing me so much that it is amazing,” Cole concluded.


Fellow pros Jermain Defoe, Wayne Rooney, and Shaun Wright-Phillips fooled the then-West Ham striker after being called up in 2009 for a friendly match against the Netherlands.

Defoe, who played for Spurs at the time, said: “Carlton was just smiley, cheerful and that, so we just thought, who would take it if you were going to get someone?


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