Francesco Totti, Roma’s former captain, enjoyed a stroll in the center of Rome without anyone noticing him: “Hood and mask and experience the city like never before,” he writes on social media.

The soundtrack of a friend’s Instagram story, later republished by Totti himself, could only be Antonello Venditti’s “Roma Capoccia.”

He complained of his great popularity in the capital when Francesco Totti was playing: “I can’t even take a walk downtown. He used to say nostalgic for the years in which he was not yet elected as a symbol of Rome and Roman times at a very young age.”

A few months ago, during Luca Toni’s live broadcast, he said, “I’ve never seen Rome, I don’t say bullshit. Such a restaurant and I’m going to go away, never walk away. I can’t, I swear to myself. They also recognize me from the walk with the helmet “and instead, this time, due to the great cold and the mask’s duty, he seems to have succeeded quietly.”

To tell the truth, after the pandemic started (unfortunately), this is not the first time Totti has taken a trip downtown, as evidenced by this lovely little curtain on the rickshaw in Villa Borghese with his wife, Ilary Blasi.


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