Thomas Tuchel would be interested, according to information shared by Bild, in replacing Frank Lampard as Chelsea’s boss.

It’s unbelievable how quickly things can change in football, particularly at a club with the prestige of Chelsea.

Chelsea was hailed as title challengers a few weeks ago, amid a hugely impressive run of form. After three losses in four games, in front of his eyes, all of Lampard’s work was undone.

As per Bild, tonight’s loss to Aston Villa could see Lampard dismissed. If Lampard were to leave Chelsea, they would expect that Tuchel was ready to step into his shoes.

Bild seems very bent on pushing this link between Tuchel and Chelsea, but at this point, there is nothing conclusive to indicate that Lampard will lose his job.

Lampard was commissioned to reconstruct Chelsea’s team and is in the preliminary stages of doing so. Getting rid of it now will just see Chelsea, even with Tuchel in charge, step backward.

Nonetheless, Bild is a reasonably credible source, and they seem to think defeat tonight could mark the end for Lampard. Given how fine Aston Villa was late, that’s a worry.


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