Jurgen Klopp branded Chelsea as favorites in the Premier League because of their squad size, but Frank Lampard disagrees with the Liverpool boss.

Once again, Frank Lampard declined Chelsea’s suggestions for the best Premier League team because his side had not won anything yet.

Chelsea was at the top of the table at the time and unbeaten in 13 matches in all competitions, but since then they have lost 1-0 to Everton to slip to fifth, three points off the summit. And Lampard is not buying into claims that he has the most profound squad in the division.

He said: “I just don’t see it. I’m not talking down my squad by saying what he said. Many of the people who said that we had the best squad were the same people who said that we weren’t successful when we drew 3-3 with West Brom and Southampton.

The tide soon turned. Anyway, the discussion is somewhat meaningless because it’s just what we do that matters on the field. But I look around and see solid teams who have been winning stuff and are healthy for the last few years. People may want to look at the price tag, but some of them are younger players coming to play for the first time in this division and will need time. This squad will [develop and improve. Only when they win anything can good squads be referred to. There are other powerful squads when I look around, many that can have the best players sitting on the bench in the world. Teams sitting on a bench with the Champions League winners. We’re not even at that stage.”


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