Everton boss Frank Lampard questioned his players’ courage after their embarrassing 4-0 loss in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup against Crystal Palace. He also insisted that he does not have a magic wand that can change their resilience. Everton is currently in the middle of a relegation dogfight in the Premier League. Despite a good start to the game, they capitulated after Andros Townsend sustained a bad knee injury.

“I don’t have a magic wand to get inside people’s heads and change resilience across the whole squad. That’s a work in progress,” Everton boss Frank Lampard said. “The difficult thing for us is that we don’t have lots of time in terms of the league to do that. My job title is quite vast as a manager, but to get inside heads and change that with the flick of a switch is not possible. As frustrating as it is for me, as frustrating as it is for the 4,000 fans who traveled down and the people watching [at home], that’s one we have to fight against.”

“There’s only so much you can keep trying to butter someone up to give them confidence. There’s a balance of confidence and playing at the cut-throat end of football here,” he added. “This is a quarter-final today to get to Wembley and if you haven’t got the confidence to play, you can quickly flip it and say, have you got the b******* to play? That’s the football reality. If you fall somewhere in the middle, then don’t worry about it. We didn’t play that badly today and Palace didn’t play that well today, but we lost 4-0 because of a lack of confidence and a lack of what I just said. It wasn’t tactics. Tactics showed in the first 20 minutes. Palace couldn’t get out of their half.”

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