On Monday, French clubs will start making transfers again, the Professional Football League (FPL) has reported.

The 2019-20 season had been canceled in France following the suspension of football around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In response to the crisis, FIFA permitted to move for the summer transfer period and to extend contracts to expire as most countries are working to finalize the campaign.

The transfer window in France normally opens on July 1, but clubs have been granted permission by the governing body to start trading with other French clubs before the fiscal year ends June 30.

Where the international window opens has yet to be determined.

From 8 June French clubs will be able to negotiate with one another

“On Monday 8 June 2020, the LFP Board of Directors decided to open the transfers period between French clubs,” read a statement from the LFP.

The French league decided to scrap the rest of the campaign after the season was called off in the Netherlands and Belgium, in April when it was announced that no sporting events will be allowed until September by Prime Minister Edouard Philippe

In Ligue 1, there were 10 rounds of fixtures to be played, but the championship was eventually handed over to Paris Saint-Germain when Toulouse, Amiens, and Nimes would drop to Ligue 2.

However, the decision was controversial as President Jean Michel Aulas of Lyon wrote to the French government requesting permission to resume the campaign.

Aulus vowed to take legal action against the authorities this week if the season is not resumed because next term his side will miss out on a place in European competition.

While there is no sign of the campaign starting up again in France, since May 16 the Bundesliga has been up and running again, while this month the Premier League, Serie A, and La Liga will all return.


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