With nowhere to go, a vulnerable section of people has the most effect on their livelihood because of the pandemic outbreak.

During the Coronavirus outbreak, Brazilian stars from Premier League clubs tend to contribute to helping humans from their domestic countries.

Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus gave three lots of food to favela people in Brazil on Wednesday night.

The donation was made through made on YouTube in a live show offered by Brazilian singer Belo. Several neighborhood musicians prepare concert events at their houses to acquire food and hygiene objects for needy people.

Gabriel Jesus called Belo to ask for one of his songs, ‘Intriga da Oposição’, and declared his donation. The Player also stayed on the line to sing a little. This is now not the first time seeing that the Coronavirus outbreak that Gabriel Jesus has been energetic in charity acts. Two weeks ago he had already donated four hundred food baskets to Jardim Peri, the place he grew up.

The Brazilian FA has introduced this week that it is using R$5 m (£740k) to assist human beings in need. Half of the money was given by using countrywide crew participants like Gabriel Jesus and the federation supplied the different parts. For this sum they sketch to assist 32,000 people.

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