Gareth Southgate insisted that the England squad could look very different for the 2022 World Cup. Southgate named the same starting XI for both their qualifiers in the last two weeks. 1o of those players started the Euro 2020 final a couple of months back. This shows that Southgate finally has found a consistent line-up with the team selection likely to continue for the foreseeable future. Despite the team selection, he insisted that his squad is not set in stone and the door is open for anyone looking to get into the team. 

“What I would say is 14 months is a long time,” England manager Gareth Southgate said. “So although this team has looked settled from the summer and into this camp that can look very different in 14 months time. There are young players emerging, there are players who are in a rhythm at the moment. We’ll be playing in the middle of a season where injury…there’s only seven days between the last league game and the finals. So there’s a lot that can happen with the squad but first and foremost we’ve got to get next month right because given the points we dropped [in Poland] we’re still not assured of our place yet.”

“The players have done a fantastic job across the 10 days and the three matches,” he added. “I think, the way that they’ve responded to the disappointment of the final, the way they have picked the baton up from that – a lot of the other teams in those latter stages haven’t done that.”

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