Gareth Southgate revealed that England is “sick” about debating taking the knee. He reiterated that they are “more than ever determined” to do so at Euro 2020. England fans had booed the team for taking a knee against Austria on Wednesday. They did the same when the side faced Austria on Sunday. Southgate revealed the team had a meeting and decided to continue to take a knee for all their matches. He also understands that there could be an “adverse reaction” from the fans.

“We are collectively really disappointed that it happened,” England manager Gareth Southgate said ahead of England’s final warm-up match. You have to put yourself in the shoes of an England player about to represent his country and because we are all trying to support the movement for equality, the move for supporting our teammates… some of the experiences they have been through in their lives.”

“Some people decide to boo. I think those people should put themselves in the shoes of those young players and how that must feel,” he added. “If that was their children if they are old enough to have children, how would they feel about their kids being in that sort of situation.”

Southgate has made it clear that the squad will not take any questions on the subject during Euro 2020. England will take on Croatia in their opening game on June 13. England and Leeds midfielder, Kalvin Phillips expressed disappointment at the boos received. The booing had started towards the end of the 2020/21 Premier League season.

“I was just happy the boos got canceled out by the fans cheering in the end. I don’t think it is a great situation especially for us as players,” Phillips said. “The team spoke about it together and we come up with the conclusion that regardless of what goes on around we are still going to participate in the kneeling and I think that is a great idea.”

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