At the end of the season, Diego Simeone ‘s longtime Atletico Madrid assistant German Burgos is set to leave to fulfill his dream to become a head coach.

Burgos was Simeone ‘s team-mate at Atletico and the Argentina National Team before linking up with El Cholo again as Catania ‘s assistant, and then Racing Club.

In 2011, Simeone brought Burgos to the Spanish capital with him and in the 2013-14 campaign, he helped secure La Liga glory for Atletico.

The duo has also won a trophy for Copa del Rey and two Europa Leagues with Atletico, while they have been runners-up in the Champions League on two occasions.

It had been speculated over recent weeks that Burgos would be seeking new pastures and on Wednesday he confirmed the news.

“I will take my first steps as a head coach at the end of the current 2019-20 season. I think I am fully qualified to manage a team, with over 10 years of experience in the first division. The people who have made me who I am as a coach and a person are going to affect it. I carry them with me in my soul. Luis Aragones, Carlos Griguol, Marcelo Bielsa … I was influenced by those people. For a second coach who wants to become a head coach it is a normal step,” he told Atletico’s official website.

Burgos also commented on his friendship with Simeone: “He’s a friend, we’ve known each other for so long.

Burgos spoke at Atletico about his favorite moments but says he still wants to achieve ambitions.


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