The German Football Association (DFB) has been urged to boycott the 2022 World Cup in Qatar by the German Fans Association.

“We heard about the inhumane working conditions in Qatar during the infrastructure building for the World Cup not long ago. As of mid-February, the media confirmed 6,700 dead migrant workers on World Cup construction sites,” the fan statement reads.

“Every seven hours, an Indian subcontinent worker dies. It is too late for these people to be saved. We can’t, however, dismiss it. Sport brings people together from all walks of life, regardless of their political, philosophical, or religious beliefs. It is important to preserve and renew these bonds. But this isn’t a political or cultural issue; it’s a matter of humanity and the right to life.

We are well aware that many football fans are anticipating the games of the German national team. We also recognize that the World Cup represents a pinnacle moment in the athletes’ careers. We’re football fans who adore the game.

However, there is little to explain Qatar’s deliberate sponsorship of human rights violations by involvement in the tournament. The voices are becoming increasingly louder, and ProFans are obviously on the side of those who believe a World Cup boycott is unavoidable.”

We demand that the German Football Association refuse to participate in the World Cup in Qatar. Participation in a luxurious football party on the gravesites of tens of thousands of migrant workers will be the end of ethics and integrity. With horror, we turn our backs on it.

Football is so much more than a game. Football is also a form of social and corporate responsibility. We are confident that other countries will follow Germany’s lead. If the DFB wishes to keep some of their remaining prestige, they must withdraw from this tournament immediately!”


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