Brighton striker Glenn Murray claims that during the coronavirus epidemic Premier League football will be hurried back too soon, with some forgetting that England is the hardest-hit nation in Europe. The Premier League invited Club Captains and Managers to express their views on a return to action during Wednesday’s conference call as the ‘Restart Project’ continues.

Murray was on the call about how and when the preparation will push ahead of the prospective return in mid-June – a timeframe that veteran Brighton thinks forward is too hasty considering the current context.”Football is not necessarily a necessity – it’s a game, it’s a sport, “said the Brighton frontman.

Putting the phase in place for a gradual return to action to Murray, he said to Sky Sports:” Yeah, it’s but I mean what the point is to get through the phase halfway and stop?”

The first major league to return to action is Bundesliga. After seeing the Bundesliga kick-off over the coming weekend, the League hopes to get the support of the clubs for their plans at the shareholders meeting on Monday.


Muray said people will watch the Bundesliga because everyone loves football and it will be nice to watch the live match on TV. He believes that the authorities are not understanding that the death rate of Germany is comparatively less. ” We are the worst hit in Europe. No one seems to understand that”, he added.

Murray said the long, in-depth call from Wednesday focused primarily on the first step of returning to the training grounds at the social distance level. The 36-year-old claims that most players are “very satisfied” with phase one but, despite the variety of personal circumstances, he claims that “in certain pockets of players there is a bit of hesitation” to phase two.


Muray added saying that it is not that the players are reluctant to return because of the virus, but they are more worried about their family because they will be going back home to them. He believes that everyone’s situation is different and should be considered.

Brighton has been a leading voice throughout this lockdown period and has made their views known against neutral venues, while Murray echoed the opinion of Norwich Sports Director Stuart Webber that promotion should be scrapped if the Championship can not complete its season.

What are your thoughts on Murray’s thinking? Do comment below and share your thoughts about what you feel about the return of the Premier League.


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