Atalanta midfielder Robin Gosens has confessed to being humiliated by Cristiano Ronaldo’s refusal to swap shirts after a game against Juventus.

The German full-back confronted the Portuguese and asked for his jersey, only to be rudely turned away.

“After the game against Juventus, I wanted to fulfill my fantasy of having Ronaldo’s jersey,” Gosens said in his latest book, ‘Dreams are Worthwhile.’

“I went to him after the final whistle, having not yet gone to the fans to cheer… but Ronaldo refused. ‘Can I have your shirt, Cristiano?’ I asked. He didn’t even look at me; he simply replied, ‘No!'”

“I was humiliated. I walked away, feeling small. You know that something embarrassing happens and you turn around to see if someone notices? That’s how I felt, and I wanted to conceal it.”

As of now, Atalanta is ahead of Juventus in the Serie A league. La Dea is third, and La Vecchia Signora is fourth.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s team does, however, have a game in hand against Napoli in their rescheduled Round three meeting on Wednesday.


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