Sky Sports records that Aston Villa and England midfielder Jack Grealish was penalized following a traffic accident in which he was involved on March 29.

During a lockout linked to the coronavirus pandemic, the footballer destroyed his Range Rover. At Dickens Heath, Grealish’s car smashed into two parked cars.

The athlete’s case was heard today at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court. Grealish had earlier pleaded guilty to two offenses, one of which was directly connected to the accident.

A witness was questioned and disclosed that after the incident, the footballer smelled of alcohol and that his voice was slurred.

Also, Grealish pleaded guilty to another charge, a case of reckless driving on the M42. Police reported the car of the sportsman driving above 90mph (145km/h) at a time when “close to threatening” distance to other cars.

As a result, Grealish was barred from driving for nine months because of the case. He will have to receive a new license at the end of the time.

Grealish was sentenced to £ 82,499. He will also have to pay other expenses and the overall cost will hit £ 82,900 for the player.


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