Pep Guardiola, the manager of Manchester City, has admitted that he has always wanted to lead a Premier League team since his time at Barcelona.

Despite having coached at other elite clubs such as the Blaugrana and Bayern Munich, the Catalan technician clarified that being in charge of an English team is a dream come true.

Guardiola told Rio Ferdinand in the latest episode of BT Sport’sRio Meets’ series, “I was extremely happy in my hometown of Barcelona and at Bayern Munich, you can’t imagineā€¦ the club, the city.”

“I consider myself fortunate to have been there. But now, after four or five years, I’m in such good shape.

“I’ve always wanted to come here, to practice in [William] Shakespeare’s land, in the Beatles’ country, in Oasis’ country, in the theatres, in the movies,” she says. This country is unique for a variety of reasons, and I wanted to experience it firsthand.

“I despise the months of November, December, January, and February in England because I prefer warmer weather, but I have everything I need to do my work, which is why I extended my contract.”

Manchester City has gone unbeaten since losing 2-0 to Tottenham Hotspur in November when Pep Guardiola realized the team needed a change.

“At that point, we realized we weren’t brilliant,” Guardiola continued.

“All was heavy in terms of it not being normal. We changed something, putting more players in front of the box, particularly the day after we drew 1-1 at home against West Brom.”

“We had a chance to win, but I went to my friends and staff and told them, ‘I don’t like the squad, the way we play.’ It makes no difference what the outcome is; I don’t see my team in the way they should be playing.’

“We’ve all returned to the fundamentals. That’s all there is to it: A, B, C. So wingers high and wide, and a lot of players in the center, come back without the ball, run like animals, and with the ball, be cooler, [make] more assists, and think about what we need to do more.”


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