Despite an ominous 10-match winning streak, Pep Guardiola laughed off predictions that Manchester City will be Premier League champions-elected.

After Sunday’s 4-1 victory at Anfield, City went five points clear of rivals Manchester United with a game in hand, but Guardiola warned against complacency by pointing to Liverpool’s recent collapse in form.

‘We are not supposed to play any more Premier League games because we are champions already,’ Guardiola said sarcastically.

‘I don’t need to understand why we’ve got to play against Tottenham and then against Everton.

‘I do not understand it, because we are champions already.

‘All the good words are just because we win games because we’re the same team we were. We were out of everything two months ago: we didn’t have any chance to be champions.

Liverpool remains one of the strongest teams I’ve seen in my life and have been able to make an impressive run undefeated at home, crushing teams without a single loss for two or three seasons.

‘Then you don’t know why immediately, three defeats in a row. Do you think that this can’t happen to us? It can, of course, occur.’

On Wednesday, City went to Swansea City in the hope of avoiding an FA Cup upset against the opposition that ran them close two years ago. Since December 2, Swansea, second in the Championship, have lost just once.

‘The Championship is not a simple league, it is tougher than other (big) European leagues at times,’ Guardiola added. ‘We were losing a lot, 2-0 down there, and our third goal was offside. It was a frustrating day.

“We realize how hard it’s going to be. When we saw the draw, we knew it instantly. We’ll be out if we don’t understand this.’


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