Joe Hart becomes a free agent for the first time in his 17-year career since his deal at Burnley ended on June 30 but the British goalie seems to be somewhat confident about his future chances of moving forward.

Hart told the BBC: “The fact that I have had to sit at the bench for 18 months in the Premier League won’t describe or kill me. I know who I am. I recall playing in Sunday League for my local team and trying to get into Shrewsbury Town’s first team.’ I found it was important to place early issues in context. People may think from the outside it’s a time of fear but from the inside, it’s a time to look ahead to see all the possibilities.”

He continued saying: “When it comes to holding goals, I’m young. I’m also younger when it comes to the emotional age of a guy who wants to go to goal with people tossing balls on him. I’m not under any illusions that Real Madrid could knock at my windows, push Courtois out and let me in, but there’s plenty more to come from me. I need someone to trust in me, and I will repay the confidence.”

The 33-year-old has made 75 appearances for England.


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